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Federal Campaigns

John Barrow, Congress, GA-12 (2012 IE)

Ami Bera, Congress, CA-07 (IE)

Biden Harris, President & VP (2020 IE)

Sanford Bishop, Congress, GA-02

Bruce Braley, Congress, IA-01 (2012 IE)

Julia Brownley, Congress, CA-26 (2014 IE)

Lois Capps, Congress, CA-24 (2014 IE)

Brad Carson, Congress, OK-02 (DCCC)

Gerry Connolly, Congress, VA-11

Lane Evans, Congress, IL-17 (DCCC)

Gene Green, Congress, TX-29 (2016 IE)

Martin Heinrich, Senate, New Mexico (IE)

Steny Hoyer, Congress, MD-05

Elaine Luria, Congress, VA-02 (2020 IE)

Claire McCaskill, Senate, Missouri (2012 IE)

Jerry McNerney, Congress, CA-09

Mike Michaud, Congress, ME-02 (DCCC)

Dennis Moore, Congress, KS-03

Lynn Rivers, Congress, MI-13

Alyson Schwartz, Congress, PA-13 (DCCC)

Abigail Spanberger, Congress, VA-07 (2020 IE)

Mark Warner, Senate, VA (2014 IE)

Municipal & Judicial Campaigns

Marc Abrams, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Winchester County, VA

John Taylor Chapman, City Council, Alexandria, VA

Elizabeth Coker, District Judge, TX-258

Susan Burt Collins, District Attorney, Montgomery County, PA

Gerry Connolly, Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County, VA

John DeStefano, Mayor, New Haven, CT

Kevin Dougherty, Associate Justice, Supreme Court, PA (SEIU IE)

Ed Flynn, City Council, Boston, MA

Glenn Funk, District Attorney, Davidson County, TN (Nashville)

Rudy Georgini, Superior Court, Pinal County, AZ

Penny Gross, Supervisor, Fairfax County, VA

Kate Hanley, Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County, VA

Cathy Hudgins, Supervisor, Fairfax County, VA

Pat Hynes, School Board, Fairfax County, VA

Andres Jimenez, Supervisor, Fairfax County, VA

Chris Lewis, School Board, Alexandria, VA

George Leventhal, At-Large County Council, Montgomery County, MD

Andrea McGimsey, Supervisor, Loudoun County, VA

Scott McNamara, District Attorney, Oneida County, NY

Stevens Miller, Supervisor, Loudoun County, VA

Ilryong Moon, School Board, Fairfax County, VA

Ray Morrogh, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Fairfax County, VA

Dalia Palchik, School Board, Fairfax County, VA

Dwight Parker, City Council Member, Chesapeake, VA

Rachael Rollins, District Attorney, Suffolk County, MA (Boston)

Ed Semonian, Clerk of Courts, Alexandria, VA

Linda Smyth, Supervisor, Fairfax County, VA

James Walkinshaw, Supervisor, Fairfax County, VA

Alex Wan, City Council, Atlanta, GA

David Wecht, Associate Justice, Supreme Court, PA (SEIU IE)

Rachel Weinstein, School Committee, Cambridge, MA

Justin Wilk, School Board, Prince William County, VA

Institutions & Organizations

AAPI Victory Fund

AAPI Victory Alliance

Alliance for Justice

Alliance for Retired Americans

American Academy of Dermatology PAC

American Academy of Ophthalmology PAC

American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons PAC

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists PAC

American College of Radiology PAC

American Family Voices


American Values Coalition

America Votes

American Small Business Alliance
Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA) of Metropolitan Washington

Arizona Vote Project

Ballot Initiative Strategy Center

Blueprint North Carolina

The Brady Campaign

Building Arizona’s Future

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Democratic GAIN

Environment America

Environment Georgia

Foundation for the Future /National Democratic Redistricting Project

Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy

Indian American Impact Fund (IMPACT)

Indo-American Democratic Organization (Illinois)

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

League of Conservation Voters

Maine Won’t Discriminate

Montanans Working Together

National Education Association (NEA)

Physician Hospitals of America

ProGeorgia State Table

Rhode Island Federation of Teachers

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

Tucsonans for Accountable Government

United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW)

United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 1776

United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 99

United Nations Foundation

United Steelworkers of America

Virginians for Public Safety

Voters for Loudoun’s Future

Voter Turnout Project

Voto Latino

World Union of Progressive Judaism


State Campaigns

Rose Ann Antich, State Senator, IN-04

Sam Arora, State Representative, MD-19

John Baldacci, Governor, Maine

Scott Baltz, State Representative, AR-61 (DLCC IE)

George Barker, State Senator, VA-39

Kumar Barve, State Delegate, MD-17

John Beard, State Representative, IA-16

Lisa Benlon, State Representative, KS-22

Don Betzold, State Senator, MN-51

Mark Blade, State Senator, IN-38

Tony Brown, State Representative, KS-10

Jay Chaudhuri, State Senator, NC-15

Dennis Cohoon, State Representative, IA-88

Harold Copenhaver, State Representative, AR-58 (DLCC IE)

Allie Craycraft, State Senator, IN-26

Rosalyn Dance, State Senator, VA-16

Swati Dandekar, State Representative, IA-36

Mark Davitt, State Representative, IA-74

David Dawson, State Representative, IA-14

Mark Dayton, Governor, Minnesota

Nancy Dunkel, State Representative, IA-57

Pat Flowers, State Senator, MT-32 (IE)

John Forbes, State Representative, IA-40

Randall Friese, State Representatives, AZ-09 (DLCC IE)

Dolores Furtado, State Representative, KS-91

Mark Gaskill, State Representative, IA-93

Jay Goyal, State Representative, OH-73

Chris Hall, State Representative, IA-13

Frank Hall, State Representative, VA-69

Jeff Harris, State Representative, MO-23

Donna Hart, State Senator, FL-26

Lisa Heddens, State Representative, IA-46

Mark Herring, State Senator, VA-33

Mike Holcomb, State Representatives, AR-10 (DLCC IE)

Tom Holland, State Senator, KS-03

Geri Huser, State Representative, IA-42

Tom Jacobson, State Senator, MT-11 (IE)

Mark Keam, State Delegate, VA-35

Jerry Kearns, State Representative, IA-92

Laura Kelly, State Senator, KS-18

David Kizzia, State Representatives, AR-26 (DLCC IE)

Ben Kramer, State Delegate, MD-19

Bob Kressig, State Representative, IA-19

Kelly Kultala, State Senator, KS-05

Tim Lanane, State Senator, IN-25

Mark Levine, State Delegate, VA-45

Charlie McConkey, State Representative, IA-15

James McLean, State House, AR-63 (IE)

Mary McNally, State Senator, MT-24 (IE)

Jose Menendez, State Representative, TX-124

Eric Meyer, State Representatives, AZ-28 (DLCC IE)

Helen Miller, State Representative, IA-49

Nick Miller, State Senator, PA-14

Mike Morgan, State Senator, OK-21

Pat Murphy, State Representative, IA-28

Steve Murphy, State Senator, MN-28

Jim Nickels, State Representatives, AR-41 (DLCC IE)

Tram Nguyen, State Representative, MA-EX-18

Jo Oldson, State Representative, IA-61

Mary Olsen, State Senator, MN-04

Donovan Olson, State Representative, IA-48

Scott Ourth, State Representative, IA-26

Betty Overbey, State Representatives, AR-69 (DLCC IE)

Dawn Pettengill, State Representative, IA-39

Bobby Pierce, State Senate, AR-27 (DLCC IE)

Paula Hightower Pierson, State Representative, TX-93

Mike Reasoner, State Representative, IA-95

Joe Riding, State Representative, IA-30

Nathan Reichert, State Representative, IA-80

Jeff Roorda, State Representative, MO-102

Sharon Ropes, State Senator, MN-31

Kathy Saltzman, State Senator, MN-56

Diane Sands, State Senator, MT-49 (IE)

Tom Schueller, State Representative, IA-25

Steve Shannon, State Delegate, VA-35

Paul Shomshor, State Representative, IA-100

Emily Sirota, State Representative, CO-09

Mike Slattery, State Representative, KS-24

Mark Smith, State Representative, IA-74

Sam Smith, State Senator, IN-02

Lionell Spruill, State Senator, VA-05

Art Staed, State Representative, IA-37

Sharon Steckman, State Representative, IA-13

Kurt Swaim, State Representative, IA-94

Terry Swinger, State Representative, MO-162

Milak Talia, State Representative, KS-23

Herman Taylor, State Representative, MD-14

Todd Taylor, State Representative, IA-34

Roger Thomas, State Representative, IA-55

Alisha Thomas Morgan, State Representative, GA-39

Robert Thompson, State Senator, AR-20 (DLCC IE)

Rosalyn Tyler, State Delegate, VA-75

Roger Wendt, State Representative, IA-02

Andrew Wenthe, State Representative, IA-18

John Whittaker, State Representative, IA-90

Tommy Wren, State Representative, AR-62 (DLCC IE)

David Wyatt, State Senator, AR-19 (DLCC IE)

Richard Young, State Senator, IN-47

Ray Zirchelbach, State Representative, IA-31